Reasons Not to Have a New Roof Installed Over an Old Roof

So you require a brand-new roofing system and also are attempting to decide whether to attempt and save some loan by having the brand-new roof mounted over an existing layer of roof covering. This strategy is quite common in many locations as well as numerous roofer don’t see any type of trouble with this technique as well as have no worry trying to sell property owners on a lay-over or go-over as this method is called. They are incorrect.

5 Top Reasons A Lay-Over Or Go-Over Is A Bad Concept When Re-Roofing

1.) Areas that have or had leaks can not always be dealt with properly

There is a likelihood that your old roofing had some problem areas consisting of possible leak areas, whether you observed them or otherwise. Without detaching the old roofing system as well as correctly recognizing these kinds of difficulty spots and also establishing where the leakage was coming from and traveling to it is impossible to tell what areas of your roofing system might require some unique attention.

2.) Any type of rotted timber under the existing roof covering will just become worse

There might be areas that have deteriorated wood concealing under the old roof covering. These decayed areas should be identified and also changed before a new roof covering is mounted. Obviously if your professional roofer is only doing a lay-over roof setup after that these rotted locations will stay concealed as well as only get worse as the years go on. The nails holding down the shingles in locations with rotted wood could not appropriately do their task and also you have a much greater risk of shingles blowing off in those areas.

3.) Eaves, rakes as well as valleys need special therapy

This is a huge one. The eaves, rakes as well as valleys of your home need special interest when your residence’s roofing system is being installed. This is especially important in chillier environments like Massachusetts, where we are located. In the wintertime time the eaves of your home are under attack by Mother earth, whether it is through ice dams, snow accumulate, or just the consistent cold as well as thawing that occurs throughout the winter. When a brand-new roof covering is properly set up the roofer should place new light weight aluminum drip-edge around the entire boundary of your roof covering.

Next they have to apply a 3 foot vast area of ice & water obstacle around the border along with in any type of valleys on your roof. Then they can begin to mount the new roof. Without tearing off the original roof covering there is no other way to properly mount the brand-new drip-edge or ice & water barrier, you have to be careful with concrete roof tiles. On a lay-over kind of roof mount, the professional roofer is relying on the existing items on the house’s roof to still depend on the same level and have the ability to handle the wintertime problems. All frequently the old products fail whether it was since they have actually outlived their lifetime, were sub-par to begin with, or perhaps they were never there to begin with (all to typically the latter holds true with ice & water obstacle).

4.) Additional roofing weight is no excellent for old rafters

One of the much more evident issues with a lay-over re-roof is the added weight of the extra layer of roof shingles. On a lot of more recent houses this is not an issue, nevertheless many older houses have rafters that are thought about undersized by today’s mounting standards. It is not uncommon to see 2 × 6 rafter systems on most of these homes. Currently in most circumstances a 2 × 6 rafter is undersized to start with and also you definitely don’t wish to be including the weight of a new roof layer in addition to an old roof covering layer to these already small rafter systems. With newer roofs using 2 × 10, 2 × 12, syntheticed trusses, etc. the weight isn’t really always as much of a problem.

5.) Much shorter roofing system life expectancy

A lot of accountable roofer agree that a lay-over roof will lower the new roof’s lifetime by concerning 25%. This truth alone means that any kind of money you may have conserved by doing a lay-over, in contrast to a tear-off as well as new roof covering mount, was only a short-term financial savings. On top of that, you currently have 2 layers of roof that will certainly need to be eliminated the next time your roof covering is done and that will certainly additionally add more expense to the task

Tear-Off After That Re-Roof Is Always Superior

Well, I just offered you 5 great reasons to detach your old roof then mount your new roof covering. Yes it could be less costly in the short term to do a go-over on your old roofing system, yet, in the long-term it will cost you much more. We never ever suggest this strategy to our consumers. We always advise totally tearing of the old roof, repairing any underlying troubles, after that mounting a fresh, beautiful brand-new roof covering that will outlive any type of lay-over roof covering as well as much better secure our consumers’ houses.