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Healthy Lifestyle

How about incorporating at least some of these healthy habits into your life?

Play sports every day.

I know we don’t have time… Or yes. A simple table of exercises to do in 10-15 min. or always climb the stairs could be enough for those more busy. Not everyone can regularly practice a sport (if you can, do it!), but physical exercise, of course adapted to the age in each case. Swimming, running, or simply walking, is within the reach of 95% of the population. On the other hand, sport is the king of hobbies, but the ideal is to have several of them: cinema, music, theatre, travel, gastronomy… Leisure undoubtedly gives quality of life.


It is not enough to read the press, a magazine, or a Wikipedia entry because we are curious about the life of an actor. “Read books. But not only those that must be read for work or studies. He reads for pure delight. He reads slowly, at night. Learning or simply enjoying the story. An extraordinarily positive habit for emotional well-being is to read books of scientific divulgation, since of science, we are honest, most do not know anything, and it is highly stimulating to understand the theory of relativity, what a black hole is, or to know the speculations of the most rigorous scientists around the future of Humanity.

Maintain contact with the environment.

Spain is a country with an excellent climate. It is clear that the most common is to sign up for a gym, but if your time or location allows it, take a walk in the mountains from time to time. We especially recommend hiking. And if you can go to the beach, bathe in the sea, even out of season (even if the water is very fresh).

Develop your emotional intelligence.

Life is sometimes very hard. But objectively things are what they are, and of course problems are not solved by dramatizing or tormenting yourself too much. Most problems have solutions, but to find them you must have a mature, calm, intelligent, positive and constructive attitude. A good vital attitude is optimism-realism. As Benjamin Disraeli said, “I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.” (“I am prepared for the worst, but I hope for the best”), although I personally like a very similar maxim: “Wait for the best, prepare for the worst, and at the end accept whatever comes”.

Control your ideal weight…

As well as the appropriate numbers of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides …, always maintaining normal levels. If you lead a healthy life, you won’t have any problems. Without becoming a hypochondriac, it is convenient to carry out a complete analysis at least once a year.


This is very simple: smile, and nothing else. Find reasons to smile, because there are, and in case of doubt: smile. Smile a lot at your friends and smile serenely at those who consider themselves your enemies. Smile at everyone in the world, starting with yourself.

Always have a goal.

“Do not call me an illusion because I have an illusion. We are talking about challenges, personal and/or professional objectives. It is good to have several at the same time, so that not achieving one of them does not make us feel frustrated. Fighting to achieve these goals undoubtedly keeps us alive, awake, active and excited. Above all, try to be happy at work. Not everyone can dedicate themselves to what they are most passionate about, but in any activity there is something exciting (you just have to look for it).

Don’t self-medicate.

If it doesn’t hurt at all, you’re fine. If it hurts very little, you’re also fine. And if it hurts too much, don’t look on the Internet; go to the doctor. Medicines, except the most popular and innocuous ones, are always prescribed by the doctor, and must be taken in strict compliance with the instructions.

Be yourself.

Make good decisions, be free to make them. If you have a choice, choose to do what you like best. Don’t worry about what others think. Don’t give too many explanations; your friends don’t need them and your enemies don’t deserve them… You can make them, but don’t insist on mistakes. Don’t “chase” a person who doesn’t want to relate to you (let alone an ex). Do exactly what you want in every moment of your life, what makes you happy; be totally free with the only and important limit of the freedom of others.


Love the people in your life, starting with yourself, especially those you have chosen at a time along the way. Love your family and close friends. With the rest, be polite, generous, kind, sincere, honest, “good person”… Let your normal attitude be affable, not belligerent. Obviously life is not a road of roses, and you must maintain the character, the claw, and even be ambitious in the pursuit of these challenges and objectives, but always respecting the rules of fair play, exhibiting values, nobly, not harming anyone.

The body, mind and spirit form a personal unity that if we separate will bring disease and imbalance.

By having an emotion, our cells produce substances that affect the person; and what the person feels is the production and assimilation of these substances.

The molecules of emotion are:

Substances that generate cells from almost all of our body in order to communicate with each other, thus improving the functioning of the human body.

Neuropeptide: A neuropeptide is a chain of two or more 1 amino acids joined by peptide bridges that differ from other proteins only by the length of their amino acid chain. They have both excitatory and inhibitory functions, through which our brain communicates with our immune system and vice versa.

Neurotransmitters: chemical substances that are responsible for transmitting information between different areas of the nervous system.

Hormones transmit information through the blood, a hormone generates an emotion and an active emotion a hormone.

Basically, what amino acids do is correct errors in the cells and this correction is without any side effect. What are amino acids?

They are the basis of every protein, neuron-transmitting hormone, enzymes and immune system. Best of all, we have the key to controlling the levels for our own benefit.