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Hi there!

My name is Fred Casper, currently a student and a part time blogger. I have a passion in writing and technology, so it thought I would make use of both my talents and created a blog, Abantu. I started this blog in 2012, only updating articles on technology but as my reader base grew, I realize my blog has to have more contents other than technology to reach out to more audience today. With a blink of an eye, I currently have an overwhelming readers community always supporting Abantu.

The purpose of Abantu is to always update you with the latest news and life hacks. As of today, I post articles from technology to business related issues, making Abantu the top few all rounder blogs around! If you have any feedback on how to further improve this web, please do not hesitate and contact me by filling up the form right above!

Thank you for your never ending support !